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Motivated by Lindt chocolate

So, for the last 2 years I have run the Oloron 10km race and this year I decided to do the semi marathon instead. As usual, I nervously look at the people around me thinking what the hell am I doing - they all look much fitter and slimmer than me. I feel the same every time I line up for a race, be it a 10km, semi or marathon. Then as I'm running around the course, I see people of all shapes, sizes and ages. That's when I start to relax and feel that I fit in. Why do we think like this? I blame a lot of this on the perception of what we are shown a runner should look like.

Every time I arrive at an organised run in France, you either turn up a day early to get your t-shirt or you collect your t-shirt at the end of the race. Each time I have the same fear. Will they have a top in my size, or will I be begging for a mens t-shirt again. The t-shirt I am wearing in this picture is a mens small - women were only in size small or medium. Why not offer larger sizes? It's absolutely ridiculous.

Lets see if I have this in common with other runners out there. So, I've been introduced to somebody new, you start talking about what you do, interests and hobbies. I tell them I love running and when they ask what distance I say anything from 5km to a marathon. What do you think happens next? They look me slowly up and down... they don't believe me. It's one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever.

I was so happy to see 'normal' people on the cover of some running magazines last year, we need to show that size doesn't matter.

Women’s Running / James Farrell / Via

Women's Running / Via




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