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The situation we find ourselves in gives us time to reflect on what's important in life. This post is not to moan or to get high and mighty, it's just a reminder to #BEKIND

I'm a runner, and have been for nearly 20 years. I run to keep fit and challenge myself, but I mainly run for my mental health and the freedom of the outdoors. Us runners have been getting a bit of stick over the past few weeks whilst everybody is in lockdown. I've chosen not to respond to the numerous comments about social distancing and heavy breathing near walkers. I've chosen to #BEKIND

Have you ever thought that those runners have always been there? Maybe the situation we find ourselves in means more people are going outdoors, as this is the only option they have. #BEKIND

I'm a qualified Personal Trainer, who (normally) works in a gym. Everyday I'm usually surrounded by people working out to keep fit, to reach goals, improve their quality of life and help conquer depression, anxiety and mental health. Imagine having all this taken away from you and your only option is to get outside once per day and walk/jog/run. #BEKIND

I and I'm sure you, have numerous friends who work on the frontline. Who find the strength to get up and go to work everyday to help fight, support and aide in tackling this virus. Do you wonder if that might be the walker/runner who is trying to get some 'me time and clarity' during this nightmare? #BEKIND

I've been running today. Waved, smiled and said hello to everybody that I passed. I lost count of the amount of times I ran in the road or crossed over to make sure I was social distancing correctly, but I bet you won't see that written anywhere on social media. A few weeks ago I ran passed an older couple, who told me off for running in the road. I reminded them that I was doing it to keep away from them! They then apologised and said thank you. #BEKIND

Some of us have way too much time on our hands at the moment, which often causes people to moan about things that are not that important. So all I ask is, before you write that next post, how is it going to make you feel or the person it is aimed at? Happy, sad, angry, upset? In a time when we are all scared, surely we should be focusing on the acts of kindness and thinking about how we can help. Please think before you speak. #BEKIND





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